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We all deserve access to filtered and clean water right from the tap. If you notice that your water isn’t tasting like it should, give us a call today!

With the installation of whole-home filtration systems, we can provide home owners a with healthy and drinkable water.

Signs that you may need our water purification services:

  • Crusty white buildup on kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Water looks cloudy or murky
  • Fading or staining on clothing after doing laundry
  • Water has odd smell
  • Staining in your sinks, bathtub or shower
  • Oily film in your water
  • Dry skin after showering
  • Water has a sandy texture


  • Faucet and Countertop Filters: These less invasive water filters can provide filtered water for a single tap.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: This unit provides your home with quality water similar to bottled water. It will filter only the water at that sink before it leaves the faucet. Smaller under sink water filters can be installed directly under your kitchen sink.
  • Whole-House Filtration: Connects to your main water supply line and filters all of the water in your home, including what you use from dishwasher, faucet, shower, and laundry.

Contact Penn Integrity today to see if a water filtration system is right for your home.

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